Candida Die-Off and Leaky Gut

It's been a month since I started Candida diet. Friends started asking me how I feel, if I'm healed, or Candida buggers are all gone. I DON'T KNOW either! I want to find out. However, my major Candida symptom - Itchiness is still here. I got on the diet simply because I want to get … Continue reading Candida Die-Off and Leaky Gut


Special Occasions during Candida

New Year's Eve is such a special day for me as Japanese. We eat Soba (buckwheat noodles) on this day to wish our lives healthy and long like those noodles in next year. I've been eating those noodles on the eve such a long time, I do not want to miss it. I would feel … Continue reading Special Occasions during Candida