About Keiko

Hi, I’m a mother of two daughters, living in Calgary, Canada.
My passions are mainly towards Kids, Food, and Health. I’m such a foodie, but I don’t have healthy gut to handle yummy food that I cook. I always have been digestive issues on top of regular constipation. I’ve been trying lots from healthier diet, fermented food, chiropractic, regular excises, yoga, and acupuncture to detoxing, then still my gut was’t Happy.

Last year, with Naturopath, we found out that I have Candida Overgrowth in my dear gut. Oy! Candida, bingo! So this is why I am starting to heal my gut from the bottom of bottom! After lots of reading and studying, I concluded that I need GAPS diet to give it a try.

I love my family. That comes first no matter what. To be a Happy mom, I need to heal my gut. This is a journey of healing my gut with GAPS diet.

Happy family is where Happy gut is.