Review: Pepper and Salt Mills

These are my new salt and pepper mill set. OXO Good Grips Lua Salt and Pepper Mill Set.


salt-mil4I used to use these set that I got from Costco. They were okay, not too bad, do the job fine but very annoyed when refilling. Center core metal is not stable, if one side get too much salt, then bar metal will lean to one side, then that makes impossible to close the lid.This result me to redo that all over again. I use tiny funnel to refill, still not refilling smooth, URrrrrrGGGG! These set last about a year, then two weeks ago, all the sudden, salt mill decided to not to work! Yup, Broken finally.

GREAT! There is a true reason to buy new mill set! Let’s do it! So I started searching on the net to check which mills are good ones.

Adjustment Feature
Since I started using Sea-Salt, not those refined table salt which I call it “chemical”, I became to use salt mills aggressively. The old one had no adjuster setting to make the salt bigger-smaller. So took me forever to grind salt when adding to soup! (Sometime I get so annoyed, open the lid on top, get chunks of salt to throw into pot.)

OXO mills has adjuster for 5 levels. Finest is great to sparkle salt at table, coarse setting is great for seasoning soups. This is Fantastic! Why all mills have this feature?

This is like a dream…finally refilling is a breeze. There is a support for the core metal bar, so no need to care about anything, just fill the mill without thinking. Also this brilliant mills, filling from the bottom!!!!!! (There is a cap on the bottom.)  This is upside down from old mills.salt-mil3

No Mess
Also, this OXO mill’s salt comes out from top!  Salt comes out from bottom of mills with regular mills, right? What this mean is that no mess when you store. My mills makes mess when I put on table, counters anywhere you name it.

Also, the grinder makes my job easy. No need to screw very hard. Easy Peasy!

I am very pleased with OOX Good Lua Salt and Pepper Mill Set.




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