GAPS Yogurt & Kefir – Instant Pot

The best feature of Instant Pot pressure cooker is that Yogurt function. Not only keeping right temperature for yogurt bacteria, you can boil milk in the pot as well! This smart pot knows when to stop boiling when hitting certain temperature. So no hassle boiling milk as it can be quite nightmare, loosing all the milk if you are not there to watch your milkpan/pot. Everyone has done it at least once to make hot milk right??kefir3

I use Organic Homogenized cow milk that found at Superstore. GAPS recommends Raw Milk, however, it’s impossible to find in my area, even at Natural Foods stores. Also used already-made Organic Kefir (plain, no sugar!) to make my Kefir. Note: you can do Yogurt with same method like already-made yogurt or, use yogurt starter (it is powder stored in fridge section at natural food stores).


2 litter Organic Homogenized Milk
1/2 cup Organic Kefir/Starter(follow amount on the box)

Note: Use 1/2 cup Yogurt/Starter for yogurt making.


  1. Place your milk into Instant Pot.
  2. Hit green “Yogurt” button Twice on the machine, then display shows “Boil”. It starts boiling milk, then Beeps when it’s done, and display says “Yogt”. (see? No Mess!!) Option: you can stir once a while to avoid burning on the bottom of insert pot.
  3.  Hit green “Yogurt” button again, when display shows numbers like 10:00 (means 10 hour fermentation), use + or – button to adjust hours to “24:00”, 24 hour fermentation which all lactose will be eaten by bacteria. Easy to digest.
  4. Hit green “Yogurt” button again to start counting 24 hours.
  5. Close the lid, walk away.
  6. When 24 hours is up, pot beeps to tell you. So pack into jars, bottles, or any containers you prefer to store in fridge to stop fermentation.
  7. Serve with honey or just fruits or both.
  8. Last 2 weeks in fridge.

I like my yogurt with diced apple. It makes such a wonderful morning at work.

Happy gut, Happy working.


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