Candida Die-Off and Leaky Gut

It’s been a month since I started Candida diet. Friends started asking me how I feel, if I’m healed, or Candida buggers are all gone. I DON’T KNOW either! I want to find out. However, my major Candida symptom – Itchiness is still here. I got on the diet simply because I want to get rid of this crazy mysterious itchiness all over my body. It can be anywhere from tummy, face, back to legs. Another major symptoms of mine is Digestive issues. Yes, it’s still here. Also Constipation (for me more like just dry small stools than non-bowl movement issues) is still here. Nothing has been left me YET.

The itchiness got really Worse in the first two weeks of Candida diet. I woke up scratching at night. I was so uncomfortable and very cranky when those itchiness occurred. The worst time of a day is after dinner for some reasons. I had to use ice pads to keep me calm every time those moments came. Reading books to my girls while holding those ice pad pressing to my tummy was little ridiculous, but could not avoid it. I was Far from Happy.

Die-Off Symptoms

Although, Nathropath Dr. told me that those Die-Off symptoms might be occurred for the first few weeks, it was still hard, especially, itchiness got me really well.
Die-Off, also called Herxheimer Reaction is occurred when large numbers of yeast and fungal cells are rapidly killed, and metabolic by-products are released into the body. The amount of Candida cells being killed makes this very different from the regular cell elimination that forms part of the Candida albicans lifecycle.  When these cells die, they release all the TOXINS! Die-off is not pleasant, however, it’s expected during Candida diet treatment. At least, I knew that’s coming..

So I can assume many of my Candida cells died since I was on Candida diet which caused Die-Off symptoms. It’s a progress. Hope the worst has been passed, I thought. I think worst is passed, but itchiness is still here. Milder, but bugging me very much.

Funny thing about my itchiness is that though, skin looks totally Fine. Even texture is smooth. No rash, no bumps if I don’t scratch. However the itchiness was difficult to endure. No one will ever realize if I have those issues but ME! It is coming from Inside, doesn’t matter how much I care my skin with high quality essential oils & carrier oils. My system is completely messed up? or Reacting to something I eat? Certain foods can be toxic to me if I have (90% sure I do) Leaky Gut Syndrome as it releases the toxins through holes on intestinal walls directly into Bloodstream as opposed to digest properly for your body to handle fine. Leaky Gut Syndrome is closely linked to food sensitivities and allergies, which makes sense to me after seeing my Food Sensitivity Test result.


Leaky Gut Syndrome and Candida Overgrowth

Leaky Gut Syndrome is the inflammation and weakening of the intestinal walls. This can be happen for numbers of reasons, however, it is quite often the result of a Candida Overgrowth. Two of common trigger foods for Leaky Gut Syndrome are Alcohol and Coffee. Another cause is processed food that are full of additives, preservatives, and GMO.

On the top of present Candida Overgrowth, I had a habit of using Alcohol and Coffee daily. Store-bought foods must contain additives, preservatives, and GMO, unless you guy Organic and cook at home. Hummm, I made my  dear gut leaky, apparently.

Here is my questions. How do I heal Leaky Gut? How long is Enough to cure Candida Overgrowth? Is this Candida diet really working to get rid of Candida?


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