GAPS Keiko’s Easy Homemade Sauerkraut

Sauerkraut is normally either, Hate or Love. I did not love it when I tried store bought one for the first time. This home made Sauerkraut however, is Amazing! Taste nothing like those sauerkraut you buy at stores. No additives, No MSG, better yet, ORGANIC!

Last fall, I mentioned to my friend, Lori that I might want to make sauerkraut. Next thing happened to me was her sister, Kim showed up at our front door with the Sauerkraut Fermenting Crock Pot! Do you know such thing exist and how it looks like? Here is one (with my helpers).


It’s freaking huge. Picture doesn’t do justice, but it’s 10 litter handmade ceramic pot, HEAVY! Wow, wow, wow, that’s so intense! lol

I was imagining to make my first batch with 1 litter Mason Jar, you know those pictures you can find on Pinterest?

Now I have to make a huge amount of Sauerkraut that I don’t even love. Well, let’s do it, I thought. It was fun experience making Sauerkraut with kids. They can mix, smash, hit with sticks etc. It was lots of cutting involved as I like cutting by own hand, not machines – always tastes better I found. What I needed was sea salt and filtered water and cabbage.

First couple days when beginning of fermentation, we could hear bubbling sounds from pot. Super FUN! Kids and I were sheeeeshing each other to wait to listen those sounds. Bacteria is ALIVE in the pot for real! After 3 weeks of fermentation, taddahhhh, I have homemade Sauerkraut in my hand! Pot and Bacteria did all the job, not me. Super Easy!

Taste? The best of best! I can also control the sourness if I wish. Longer fermented is more sour. My friend, Kim LOVES it too. I always share as it’s her pot. I made it with carrots, with red cabbage. Carrots make it bit sweeter, which is nice.

Keiko’s Easy Homemade Sauerkraut Recipe

(per cabbage)sauerkraut2-2

  • 1 head cabbage, green or purple
    (you can use half&half with carrots too)
  • 2 tbsp sea salt per a cabbage, course is fine
  • Boiled Filtered Water (if not covered completely) + 1 tbsp sea salt/cup
Note: Also can do – 1 tbsp sea salt per 1 pound of veggies of your choice
  1. Wash cabbage.
  2. Cut cabbage in half and core. Shred cabbage with a knife, creating thin strips of cabbage.
  3. Throw in a bowl, and add 2 tablespoon salt per head. Mix it well to distribute the salt. Allow to sit out for an hour, until the cabbage wilts.
  4. Smash to release juices. Use your own hands, a stick, or potato masher.
  5. Place the cabbage with salt into Crock Pot. (If you don’t have it, use Mason Jar etc.)
  6. If cabbage isn’t completely covered by water/juice, then add as much as cups boiled filtered water with sea salt needed. Sauerkraut has to be covered with water to avoid rotting.
  7. Cover with lid, seal the lid with filtered water.
  8. Leave the pot in warm area such as kitchen for first 3 days, then move to cooler place like basement. However, because it’s heavy, I never moved my pot, so mine stays in my kitchen for 3 weeks, Never had any issues.
  9. Enjoy with chopped onions, olive oil, any meat dishes etc etc.

Your gut will be very Happy with those homemade Sauerkraut.


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