Colon Cleanse, Enema, Yes or No?

Colon Hydrotherapy aka Colon Cleans was mentioned by my friend the other day. Got me thinking…What’s about it?
There is two types of Colon Cleans – one is usually taking herbal medications through Mouth in order to clean colon, the other is through Rectum, involved tubing etc, you know what I mean… It’s called Colon Hydro Therapy. I knew such thing exist in Japan, but didn’t know there is places for it exist in where I am now. There is more than one in Calgary, indeed.


At same time, I was also reading about Constipation in Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBridge’s GAPS book as well as GAPS Guide written by Baden D. Lashkov and studying about Enemas to clean colon. Dr. Campbell-McBridge (wish her name is shorter!) strongly suggest to use enemas if it’s past 36 hours after last bowel movement. But, hey, Enema sounds so intense right? Sure it does to me, probably many of you too. Is it safe? Is it possible to operate at home? It’s been debated for couple weeks now whether I should do it or not.

Here is my thoughts…Should I go to get Colon Hydrotherapy performed by professionals? or
Should I just buy Enema kit to do at home?
Both Safe? Both Same? Both Effective?
Let’s find out.

Is home-self Enema safe?
In Dr. Campblell-McBridge’s GAPS book, she states “A lot of people in the West find the subject to enemas repulsive. And yet this safe and very effective procedure is probably as old as humans. There is a whole chapter in Manual of Discipline, which was recorded TWO THOUSAND years ago in the Dead Sea Scrolls, describing in details how to perform an enema and how beneficial it is for health.”
So enema isn’t common for many of us, but it is Safe. Could be comfortable, yet Safe. I’m interested. She also wrote all the details and instructions including solution recipes for enema fluid in the book. Price wise, enema is lower, almost free after purchasing reusable enema kit. Enema kit has several kinds, some comes with stainless steal bucket, bag. Price range can be between $15-$100 or so. You can buy at Amazon or any drug stores.

What’s difference between Colon Hydrotherapy and Enema? 
Colon Hydrotherapy/Colonic treatment, usually able to flush the entire large intestine (depending on how much waste is build up) as opposed to Enema usually only reaches the rectum and first few inches or section of the descending colon. After colonic treatment, therapist can work with the stool – she/he is able to see what kind of waste and toxins are coming out and can make recommendations from there. For instance, if the liver is struggling or overloaded with toxins, it can put constant strain on bowel and make for irregular or sluggish bowel movements. If the waste is quite dry or pasty, it is another sign of liver and gallbladder struggles, but also that other dietary changes still need to be made. That could include increase in water intake, lots of green vegetables and good healthy fats to lubricate the bowels.

Sounds FANTASTIC to me! Therapist works on each patients/cases and make recommendations to cure the root cause of the constipation.Whoa, I like it! Cost of Colon Hydrotherapy I looked was $100. Follow up consult will be another visit, $75 if you wish but not necessary. I’m very impressed. Clinic I reached out was The Natural Flow to Health Inc.

They also told me that gut flora issues and Candida Overgrowth can definitely contribute to constipation. Therapist will be able to see How High the Candida is throughout the treatment. I am SOLD!

Remember, Colon Hydrotherapy is an excellent tool in treating constipation, but it won’t fix it from occurring again without the right lifestyle changes. However, I strongly believe it will help my constipation issues, and get it done before GAPS Intro would be very helpful  to rapid healing process once I’m on GAPS diet.

So I called to book a Colon Hydrotherapy. I am booked next Friday! I’m thrilled and scared at same time, stay tuned!


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