Special Occasions during Candida

New Year’s Eve is such a special day for me as Japanese. We eat Soba (buckwheat noodles) on this day to wish our lives healthy and long like those noodles in next year. I’ve been eating those noodles on the eve such a long time, I do not want to miss it. I would feel such a bad luck to miss it. So I had those noodles for dinner with fake Tempura – made of deep fried veggies using coconut oil without any batter, which normally is wheat flour and water. So safer Tempura, tasted so good. I will make my tempura this way going forward.

Buckwheat is called “wheat” however, it’s not wheat, better yet, has no gluten. So buckwheat is recommended grain on Candida diet, however, I knew something might be in those store-bought instant buckwheat noodles on the top of just buckwheat. Bingo, wheat flour was listed even before buckwheat. Oh No, no no no, No! It’s too late, it’s dinner time, and I was determine to eat those noodles. No way that I am going to get real buckwheat noodles from now. (No such things exist anyways, unless I fly to Japan quickly to get real thing at real Soba noodle restaurants!) So I ate it, it was so yummy and felt sick after. I could see that coming.

Noodle crisis is over now. But tomorrow is New Year’s Day! We celebrate this special day with feast! Yes, I normally go crazy on cooking, but this year, made it minimal, I mean, almost nothing because I am not allowed to eat most of things. Made Kimpira Gobo – root veggie stir fry without sugar or soy sauce, Kouhaku Namasu – root veggie salad without sugar, as well as Ozouni soup – chicken soup with veggies without sugar or soy sauce. I made really good stocks and substitute with sea salt. Turned out very nice and my husband even told me that he prefers this way! In the special soup, we also add Mochi – sticky rice cake. I made the cake with kids by steaming sweet rice, smashing in a bowl with stick to make shapes into individual small Mochi for next morning. Home made Mochi was so much fun and tasted so much better than store-bought.

Next morning, we had New Year’s Day dishes with just our family. Normally, I invite friends to celebrate together, but I did not feel like it as I cannot cook most of dishes. Just made it small this year. I also prepared tuna and salmon Sashimi – Raw fish, and some chicken for kids. I hat Sashimi with sea salt and wasabi instead of soy sauce, of course! It was okay, felt bit sad though.

As such a foodie myself, it was quite tough to have New Year’s Day celebration and Candida together. But I made it through. (Kids wore Kimonos that my husband grandma made for his cousins. They were shipped by his mother just before Christmas. What a thoughtful gift.)

anniversaryShortly after that, our Wedding Anniversary came. Hummm, what can I do? I asked my husband to take me to Cattle Barron to have some steaks. Ordered prime ribs, made sure no gluten or dairy with it. It means that no sauce, just salt to taste, and side was steamed broccoli, instead of baked potato which I would love with. Still steak was so delicious, and we had nice time without kids. Oh by the way, it’s 9th Anniversary. It will be 10 years next year, whoa! My husband was happy to have steaks and so was I.

Happy gut, Happy ending.


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