Candida Diet on Christmas Day

It’s Christmas Day!Did Santa bring me brand new Candida-Free gut for me? Nahhh, not quite yet. Santa isn’t that magical.

This Maple Dinner Rolls are my signature dish on Christmas Day. Everyone is looking forward to it every year. I made three batches of these rolls for the dinner although I do not eat them. That’s fine, Christmas is all about giving, right? I am very happy that everyone enjoys my rolls. Our house smells fantastic and that’s sort of killing me, I need nose plugs!


Still Christmas is one of my favorite holidays. I love turkey dinner like everyone does. I won’t be able to have stuffing or roasted garlic mashed potatoes this time, still excited about turkey. Ham is tricky one as it contains additives and sugar, so should be stay away, but I ate a bit anyways. My kind friend, Kim who’s hosting the dinner made me Gluten Free gravy sauce! Also her sister, Lori made Candida Thai cucumber salads for me as well. These ladies made my day, Merry Christmas, Gut bless you!

I am proud that I could pass through this big event without major meltdown. I was actually quite happy to cook all those holiday goodies. Forgot to mention, my pumpkin pies were huge hit this year at Christmas dinner too. I baked quite a lot this year, hoping next year will be different. Just this year, Right?

Christmas with Candida was a success, phew, but I knew the worst is coming…New Year’s Day! As Japanese, New Year’s celebration is big deal and I always cook a feast to wish a good luck for new year. I love this tradition and I have to have those special dishes. However, almost all those Japanese dishes are cooked with either or both sugar, and soy sauce. This is a big problem for me. Having hard time thinking about what to cook, and I had no idea. My husband suggested to skip the celebration this year. I still wanted it because that’s what we do and can’t welcome new year without the celebration! I want Soba (buckwheat) noodles on New Year’s Eve, and definitely have to have Mochi (sweet rice cake) on New Year’s Day.These are must, cannot skip them! It’s like Thanksgiving without Pumpkin Pies. You know, you don’t feel like it without it.

Should I take my gut over New Year’s Day celebration?


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