Candida Kicking-Ass

On the Day 1 of my Candida diet journey, I was already craving SUGAR like crazy. Day 2-3, still craving SUGAR. I want muffins, cookies etc. Especially, every coffee shop has “Holiday” specials, and everyone is celebrating with, you know those Goodies that’s load up on tons of SUGAR. It’s December, it means Christmas!
As a Candida newbie, what should I eat for breakfast? I used to have oatmeal with raisins and nuts on top aside a nice cup of coffee(black). Yummm, that’s so relaxing and “thought” it’s healthier option. I did not know that I was reacting to oatmeal, and kept eating it. Back then, I really wanted to cut gluten, so stayed away from wheat. I am by the way, an awesome baker. I used to bake cinnamon raisin loaf every weekend to bring to the office to have as breakfast. It was my favorite breakfast…imagine the smell of toast…it’s good memory. Oops, I was daydreaming, sorry, yeah, bring me back to real life, yes, I don’t do gluten anymore, but I was still doing other healthier grains like oats. Now as I found out that I can’t digest oats, so no more oatmeal for me, please.

Fruits would be second choice for breakfast. Unfortunately, fruits are not recommended food for Candida people. I can’t eat bananas or any fruits, or yogurt. And no COFFEE either? That’s brutal. Breakfast is the most hard one of all three meals of the day. I finally chose baked sweet potato as my breakfast to start with. I know that sweet potatos are not the best veggies for Candida issues – Candida grows with sugar! But to start with, I chose baked sweet potato with chamomile tea or Pau D’Arco tea. Pau D’Arco tea is highly recommended for Candida patients. The tea fights against Candida well. But it’s just a tea, cannot replace Coffee with tea, you know? As time goes, I was slowly moving onto soups, nuts, celery sticks with almond butter etc.

So, Christmas is just a corner. Everywhere is lightened up with Christmas trees. I have my favorite holiday cookies to bake, and dinner rolls to bring to Christmas dinner every year. We are invited to kids’ Christmas parties and such. Is this the worst time to start Candida diet? Probably, yes – however, I couldn’t wait no longer. I’ve been suffering from itchiness and chronic digestive issues too looooong. I want feel better. That’s #1 priority here.

My holiday cookies #1: Pizelles

So I did not touch most of food at parties, baked my favorite holiday treats for family and friends – but did not touch them at all. I was strong. I was sticking with the diet and had no sugar at all. Sugar craving went mild in first couple weeks, but I was still craving Coffee. Coffee is one of my thing, especially in the morning. It’s relaxing. I miss that. I like black coffee, no sugar or any milk, still coffee isn’t good to fight with Candida. So very sad.

My holiday cookies #2: Pumpkin cookies

During this period, I also try not to eat at restaurants, or do any take outs. I don’t know what oil they use – I get reaction to Canola oil, yeah, Chinese take out is big No No. Even if I order salads at restaurant, I cannot have their dressing as I cannot take vinegar or any kind of dairy. I need to bring my own dressing with fresh lemon juice and organic olive oil with sea salt. Not to mention, I need to ask them to eliminate any cheese, fruits, hummus, cabbage if it’s in there. Humm, life is so hard now. Who’s kicking-ass who’s butt? Is it me? or Mr.& Mrs. Candida? I guess they are kicking my ass at this point.


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