Bingo! It’s Candida Overgrowth!

Just before Christmas, December 7 in 2016, my food sensitivity test result came back. Yup, I did have Candida Overgrowth, yeast infection in my gut. YIKES! However, part of me was so relieved that I finally have a real reason to feel crappy. No one determined what’s wrong with me and I tried so hard to find it out, never found out though. My husband thought they are my imaginations and I was creating all the symptoms…that’s really supportive, huh? Now I can tell to the whole world that I do have Candida Overgrowth and this is why my mysterious itchiness and digestive issues were caused by! No one is more excited about finding out Candida Overgrowth than me.

Here is a result for my food sensitivity test. According to RMA FST report,  I was reacting to; barley, oat, rice, potato, corn, canola oil, cabbage, sole, raspberry, yeast, hop, dairy both casein (protein in milk), and lactose (sugar in milk). Okay, let me think for a minute… beer..? this is why my favorite drink, BEER is making me sick everytime I have it? Because beer is made with barley, yeast, and hops, right? Oh that’s just GREAT. Rice? Really? I’ve been eating rice since I was born (or at least first solid food I was offered), and my gut can’t even handle Rice? That’s unbelievable. No wonder I’ve been feeling awful for long long time. What’s going on inside of my gut?!

I have Candida on the top of quite many of food sensitivities. So now what? What can I do to fix the issue then? My Naturopath doctor, Dr. Courtney Babcock suggested me to get on the Anti-Candida diet + stay away from those intolerant foods.I started right away like from the lunch on that day. I had avocado and a can of tuna with olive oil and salt with chamomile tea. (I’ve been eating healthier, and these are my go-to lunch when I have no leftovers.) I didn’t care if Christmas is in couple weeks ahead and it’s going to be tough. I really wanted to get rid of these buggers ASAP. (here is Santa picture that we took earlier this month. Yes, Christmas is on the way to me and my gut.)christmas3

What’s Anti-Candida diet?  (let’s call it Candida diet going forward) It’s low-sugar diet as Candida loves sugar to grow its cells.

These are Foods to Avoid on the Candida Diet:

  • High sugar fruits
  • Glutinous grains
  • Meats like pork and lunch meat
  • Fish like tuna and swordfish
  • Some dairy products
  • Moldy nuts and seeds
  • Condiments with added sugars
  • Refined and processed vegetable oils
  • Non-herbal sweeteners
  • Caffeinated drinks
  • Alcoholic drinks

Yeah, that’s pretty much everything what we love, isn’t it?

My Naturopath also told me to stay away from fermented foods such as Miso, Soy sauce, and Sauerkraut. Fermented food intake is controversy. Some Doctors say it’s better to take in order to fight with Candida, some says completely opposite. My Doctor suggested to avoid. So I stayed away. But though, really though, soy sauce and miso is part of my life like rice as Japanese. I cook with either miso or soy sauce all that time. How can I live without these fermented foods? I also make awesome homemade sauerkraut and I just finished new batch with organic carrots! I will give them away to friends who appreciate it. I know my friends loves my home made sauerkraut. One of friend, Kim said that my sauerkraut is the best of best!

Okay, so what I can eat is Meat, Fish, Eggs, Veggies, Better Grains such as buckwheat & quinoa and Nuts (except peanuts). Okay, okay, I’ve been on Paleo diet, and can’t eat dairy anyways as I’m lactose intolerant, so maybe I can do this. I mean I want to do this to fix the problems. Yet, I did not know how hard it could be then. To be continued to next episode, Candida Kicking-Ass.


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