My Gut Healing Journal

Dear dairy,

Where to begin? My journey began about 4 years ago.
I am a mom of two little girls. Life after these monkeys, my life became “their” life. I am dedicated to all my time and efforts to my family. I did all the work to make them happy, but left myself the very very last – that’s what moms do, huh?


After having two kids, weaning off breastfeeding (actually she decided to quit so not really weaning off), I realized I don’t look Healthy. I actually don’t feel Healthy. I looked skinny but only stretched tummy sticking out, Miserable was a perfect word to describe myself at that point.

At same time, my mental was very unstable, brain fogs all that time, easy to forget everything, very easy to get tired. Energy level was hitting bottom. I thought that’s “Normal”, all moms out there is experiencing same thing, so I better not to complain…

Depression got worse, and Finally realized that I am not well. I need to start eating well, sleeping well to be a Happy mom! I mean, I was Me at some point, not Mom. I need to take care of myself so I can give a good care for the family.

Started working on Paleo diet, then Candida Overgrowth surprise (not a good kind of surprise), now slowly transitioning to GAPS diet to heal my gut. After few years of struggles to find what’s best for me,  realizing my gut is completely unHappy.

Poor my dear gut, she is not happy. If gut isn’t happy, entire boy, especially brain can’t be happy either. Gut is That important.

Let’s heal my gut to be Happy.
From now on, I will write every details of my events and thoughts on this GAPS Journal.


January, 2017


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